Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gluten-Free For J

J is 5 months old. We went to the doctor on Thursday and found out that he has fallen off his growth chart. He is gaining weight but not like he should be based on his prior check ups. Since I am exclusively breastfeeding J, Dr. B has asked me to go gluten free for the next month so we can see if his growth is progressing. I already eat a lot of gluten free foods since all our main meals are based around foods that M can eat.
We do also buy whole wheat bread and I will make a loaf of white bread in the bread maker for us to enjoy because Luke and I do not like the gluten free bread. I decided that I would not eat the gluten free bread and just avoid bread altogether.
J returns to the doctor on April 16 to see his progress. I am praying that everything will be fine. As long as he is gaining well and back on his growth chart, I will be gluten free while he is breastfeeding. Otherwise, we will be taking another trip to the pediatrician so find out what else we can do to help J.
I am learning so much on my journey of motherhood. My boys are so fun, energetic, and so very different. An important part of my learning journey has been focused on food. I have learned to read labels and actually understand what is in my food. Although I have always been a creative cook, I now can prepare meals that are free of all M's allergies. I can cook delicious foods without ingredients that seemed critical before such as Chinese food without soy sauce and Chili without beans. Although it seemed overwhelming at first, now it is our life. As far as baking goes, I have not mastered gluten free baking but I am enjoying the learning process along the way.
The most important things my boys have taught me  are how to love unconditionally, to treasure every moment of every day, to make memories and share your time together because it is not what you have in your life it is who you have in your life that is important.

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