Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chicken Starter

We have 12 baby chickens that we have been buying chicken starter for. We decided to try making our own chicken feed for them. Baby chicks need extra protein and a finer grain to ensure they are healthy and growing well. We have created our own mixture of healthy grains for our baby chicks.

Chicken Starter is an easy mixture of 5 grains. Measure equal amounts of Wheat, Corn, Oats, Millet and Barley. Grind the grains into small pieces for easier digestion. Millet does not need to be ground. After grinding up grains, mix them together in a container. Keep the food covered and sealed tightly.

The chicken starter that we made is healthier, easy to make and full of protein to keep our chickens healthy and give them a good start.

When we were grinding up our grains, we switched to a food processor because our corn was taking a long time to grind. I have a new food processor and blender combo so the old food processor still worked great and was able to grind up the grains in a matter of minutes. We are going to use it to grind our grains from now on.

When your chicken are 12 weeks old be sure to switch them to our DIY Chicken Grower. They will love this healthy feed as well.

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