Friday, July 31, 2015

Vacation Time!

Vacation is finally arriving. When Luke gets home from work tonight, we will head off for the beginning of our busy fun filled week. We are looking forward to many adventures waiting to become life memories. And will be fun seeing the week through our children's eyes. Sleeping in their first hotel, riding a train at the museum, having a carnival birthday party!

Also, we will be attending tent services throughout the weekend. It's been a long time since I have been to any tent services so it will be an awesome time worshiping outside with my parents church family.

After we come home, we are going to be spending a day at some local attractions, such as Olivier Soapery, where we will enjoy a special soap making demonstration, the Kent Museum, where we will learn local history and Irving Eco-centre, enjoying the beach, boardwalk and gardens.

We are excited to take a day trip to visit an aquarium and a Historical Village as well. I know that the boys will love seeing the fish. I know I am excited about seeing seals. :) And the blue lobsters. It is sure to be an awesome time.

Another day will be spend visiting a zoo, exploring a train museum, seeing Butterfly World and playing. I will share some photos of our vacation time.

Our vacation is going to be partially a stay cation. We are going to be spending a few nights away from home at my parents home but only will be paying for one night in a hotel. The rest of vacation we are checking out our local attractions and enjoying a day trip away. It isn't the money or places you go to, but the time making memories with the ones you love that is important.

Throughout the next week I will be away, so I won't be posting as often but will share some vacation photos later on. :)

You can enjoy your own stay cation. Get your local travel guide and check out the attractions close to you. Enjoy learning about the place to call home.

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