Wednesday, July 22, 2015

DIY Chicken Feed

We decided to try making our own chicken feed. We read many different mixes from many different bloggers and we decided to mix our own. It is much healthier for the chickens and higher in protein and mineral. It will hopefully save us some money as well.

This feed is intended for chickens from about 12 weeks. Follow my blog so that you don't miss out on my special blend of chicken starter. We are going to be making our own layer feed when our hens get bigger. The roosters will continue to eat this feed.

Our chickens love this feed. As soon as Luke filled their feed dishes, they started happily munching.

Chicken Feed

4 cups Oats
4 cups Barley
4 cups Wheat
4 cups Sunflower Seeds
4 cups Corn
2 cups Rye
1 cup Millet

Mix together.

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