Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chicken Tips

During the summer months it is important to follow a few extra tips to keep your chickens healthy.

1. Make sure your chickens have fresh cold water morning, afternoon and evening. During very hot days, it is good to check their water throughout the day.

2, It is good to add Vitamin Mineral Supplements to their water once every two weeks to boost your chickens immune system to help keep them healthy. This will help prevent diseases and your chickens getting sick.

3. Keep their chickens pens cleaned out twice a week. Use dry shavings or hay on the floor.

4. Now that your chickens are one month old, they can eat chicken grower. 

5. When your chickens are about 2 months old, you can let them go outside in a clean area. Watch for predators. It is good to have a fenced in area with chicken wire partially buried in the ground to keep animals out. It is also good to have a net or wire across the top to keep birds out.

6. Your chickens will need their feed dishes filled twice a day, morning and evening.

Keep your chickens healthy all summer long.

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