Friday, June 12, 2015

Free Summer Fun

over 40 free family summer activities that you and your kids will love

Enjoying the summer with your family does not need to be expensive. We have compiled a list of over 40 FREE fun activities that you and your kids will love. And because they are free, you can enjoy doing your favorite ones again and again.

Your children will love spending each day with you and you will love spending the time together. Spending money is not the important thing but rather being together with the ones you love, creating memories to last a lifetime.

1. Go To The Park
2. Watch a Free Soap Show At The Soap Factory
3. Read At The Library
4. Explore The Botanical Gardens
5. Visit The Beach
6. Go To a Nature Preserve
7. Visit a Free Museum
8. Visit Local Gardens
9. Enjoy a Picnic
10. Camping In Your Backyard
11. Play at a Natural Playground
12. Visit a Duck Pond
13. Bird watching
14. Hiking
15. Biking
16. Fishing Day
17. Canoeing
18. Watching Fireworks
19. Tubing
20. Skip Rocks in Water
21. Play ball
22. Swimming
23. Gardening
24. Nature Treasure Hunt
25. Hide & Seek
26. Free Music Concerts
27. Watch a Movie
28. Roast Hotdogs
29. Enjoy Community Fun Days
30. Enjoy Local Festivals
31. Playdates With Friends
32. Take a Walk
33. Stargazing
34. Build Sandcastles
35. Read Books
36. Tell Stories
37. Relax Around The Firepit
38. Sing Your Favorite Songs
39. Bake Cookies
40. Fly a Kite
41. Water Fight
42. Make Bird Feeders

What are some free activities that you like to do with your children? What memories have you created with your family?

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