Monday, June 22, 2015

Ways To Make a Boring Piece of Paper Extra Fun

For many people today will seem like the first day of summer vacation. Many schools were finished on Friday and because today would normally be a school day, it feels like the beginning of summer vacation.

My boys are still to small and today just doesn't seem like summer to me. It has been raining all day yesterday and today. The rest of the week is looking like rain as well. How is that for summer vacation? No fun at all.

Today, I dug out the big, brown roll of paper that has been sitting in our porch. I taped it to the playroom wall. B was excited and ran to grab the dish of crayons. We all colored together drawing lots of pictures and B was practicing his shapes with me.

I had a big package of foam ball stickers and I got some of those out and they had fun sticking the stickers on. Well, B stuck them on the paper and M peeled them off. But it kept them occupied for about 30 minutes this morning. Anything that keeps my boys busy for 30 minutes is worth doing occasionally. And usually it is the easiest projects that they enjoy best.

Let me tell you, writing on the wall is definitely much more fun then writing on a piece of paper sitting at the table. You can give a piece of paper some extra life by making unique art easels when you take it to special places. Or use a boring piece of paper and bring it to life in other unique creative ways.
Our Wall Easel Today

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