Saturday, June 20, 2015

How to Make Water Sensory Play Extra Fun

This morning was a hot day, perfect for water play.

We have a old washtub in our shed and I brought it out for playtime. B loved pouring the water out and splashing himself. He enjoyed pouring the water over his head. It was hot so it didn't take long to dry off. 

M enjoyed playing with the water. He used a shovel and pail in the water. As long as he didn't get wet he had fun. He does not like getting covered in water.

How To Make Water Sensory Play Extra Fun

- Add Ice
As an added bonus freeze surprises in the ice and watch them melt as you play.

- Color Water With Food Coloring
Perfect for learning about colors.

-Go Fishing 
Use a stick with a string and magnet for a rod and cut fish from foam and attach paper clips.

-Use Bathtub Toys
Bring out the ducks and create your own duck pond.

-Play with Funnels 
Make your own funnels by cutting off the top of a pop bottle.

-Add Soap for a Car Wash Station
Kids love to wash their cars in this soapy sensory fun station.

Enjoy Getting Wet!

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