Monday, June 8, 2015

Tips for Raising Chickens

If you are reading this post chances are you are thinking about raising chickens and are a bit unsure of where to begin. Chickens require regular care every morning and evening. The important part is that your chicks are warm, clean, fed and watered daily.

Luke started raising chickens when he was 4 years old and at one time had over 100 chickens. He is sharing some tips today to help you with your first month of raising chickens.

Before you bring home your chicks, you will need to prepare your chicken pen. If you are planning to have your chickens during the winter, be sure to have a warm, insulated area.
Tip One: Cover the floor with shavings. Be sure to keep clean. Sweep the old shavings and add new every week.
Tip Two: Purchase a fountain feeder. The chicks will make a big mess with any other feeder and will not be able to eat properly from it. Make sure to check it twice a day and refill as needed. Clean out any shavings that the chickens kick into feed.
Tip Three: Use Chick Starter for the First Month with your chicks. This feed is made for baby chicks and has small pieces making it easier for their digestive system.
Tip Four: Purchase a Water Fountain. A 3 Gallon Fountain is for 12 or less chickens. We have 16 chickens and have a 6 Gallon Water Fountain. Give the chickens lots of cold water. Be sure to change water twice a day as water will get stale after sitting in the heat all day.

Tip Five: Use a Heat Light for the First Month, until the chicks have all of their feathers. Hang your heat light from the ceiling so that it is about a foot about the chickens. Be sure to use a bulb between 150-250 Watts. The chicken love to huddle together to keep warm and they especially love the heat light throughout the night.
Tip Six: Be sure to use chicken wire with 1 inch holes so they will not climb through or get stuck in the fence.
Care for your chickens and you will enjoy fresh eggs and chickens. B loves to check on the chickens with Luke all the time. In the above photos, M and B are petting the chicks.

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