Tuesday, April 21, 2015

10 Places to take your Toddler this Summer

Toddlers love to explore and they love to learn new things. This summer, we made a list of places we want to take our boys and things we want to do with them. Here are 10 places that your toddler will love, and you will enjoy as well.

1. Playground- Swinging, slides and new friends, a playground is fun for all kids.

2. Zoo- Pony rides. petting goats, feeding deer, watching silly monkeys, whatever animals you see, you will be creating memories you and your family will treasure for years. B is still talking about the monkeys at the zoo from last year.

3. Local Museum- Discover local history with your family.

4. Community Gardens- Watch your child's face glow as they discover new flowers and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. Man plants the seed, God creates the flower.

5. National Park- Explore your local area and enjoy nature at its fullest.

6. Beach- Be sure to capture the first moments of your baby or toddler with the waves at their feet and building sandcastles in the sand.

7. Water Park- You can take your family to a large water park with water slides and wading pools or enjoy a quieter location such as a city park with a wading pool or a splash park. Our closest city has a splash park at a city park that we are planning on taking our boys to this summer.

8. Amusement Park- We took B to an indoor amusement park for his second birthday and he had a blast. They closed so now we probably won't be able to go to an amusement park this year. But if you are close enough your kids will love it.

9. Ice Cream Stand- I remember going to our take out as a kid and getting to choose from 20 or more flavors and getting a huge cone for only $1. Times have changed and it costs more then that, but make it a special treat and you'll have a new memory. This idea is for a day out with B.

10. Mini Golf- Luke is a golfer and I am a mini golfer. B and M are still a little young for golfing but mini golf is a perfect game for them. Even if you don't golf, your kids will love playing mini golf with you.

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