Saturday, April 25, 2015

Food Allergy Music

If you haven't  heard of Kyle Dine, he is a food allergy musician. My kids love his songs, especially Food Allergies Rock.
Kyle Dine encourages you to look at the bright side of life. He travels across Canada and the United States to share an important message to children about food allergies. From schools to public concerts, he performs his original food allergy songs using puppets and music to make children aware and help those with food allergies to be safe.

We just ordered one of his CD's "Food Allergies Rock". I am excited for it to arrive as we love how his songs help teach B and M about food allergies. He has two music cd's "You Must Be Nuts" and "Food Allergies Rock". He also has a new DVD geared for kids ages 4-11. This is going to be a great DVD to teach kids about food allergies. It is made for schools but you can order it for personal use as well. They are taking pre-orders now, release date is June, 2015.
For more information go to www,  I hope that you enjoy learning through music as well.

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