Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Craft

Today we decided to make an Easter Craft with B and M. I cut out the crosses out of black construction paper. I gave B and M each a piece of white construction to color for the background. I helped B with his and Luke helped M color his. I would have just let them color it all themselves but they were not coloring very much so we helped them just to make them pretty. 
After their papers were colored, they glued the cross picture on top.  B glued his on himself, M was only interested in trying to eat the crayons so Luke glued his on for him. Here is the picture of their crafts, a simple Easter toddler craft.

My inspiration for this craft came from Happy Home Fairy
Click Image for Idea
I didn't have any paper plates so we used construction paper but the plate cross craft and really cute as well. There is a link to a pattern as well. They also have other Cross Crafts as well.

After we made our craft, we colored He is Alive pictures in our coloring books. 
Then we read The First Easter by Carol Heyer. 
We sang God's Not Dead and Alive, Alive, Jesus is Alive. 

Enjoy this Easter weekend with your family and celebrate the true meaning of Easter.
What are some fun ways you teach your children about Easter?

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