Tuesday, May 12, 2015

10 Tips to Best Enjoy The Zoo With Your Toddler

10 tips to best enjoy the zoo with your toddler. Traveling the World of Animals at the Zoo

We can't look out into our backyards and see the entire world but when we visit the zoo we can get a glimpse of every continent around the world. Where else can you go and see African Lions, Western Cougars, Amur Tigers, Plains Zebras and Dwarf Caiman all within hours? The zoo is fun, educational and a new adventure each visit.

Discover something new at your favorite zoo. Laugh with your toddler at the swinging monkeys. Feed the deer and the goats. Snap pictures of your child on their first pony ride. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

10 tips to best enjoy the zoo with your toddler
We started our zoo visit getting pictures with this moose.
As you can see M did not enjoy this at all.
10 tips to best enjoy the zoo with your toddler
We were all having so much fun seeing all the different animals, starting with the black bear. Here we have the monkeys that enjoyed putting on a show for us. Cantaloupe, Lions, Cattle and Otters were all fun to see.
10 tips to best enjoy the zoo with your toddler.
We also went inside to see various monkeys, birds and a little crocodile. (My picture didn't turn out for it.) We saw giant turtles and parrots and more animals then I can name. It was a fun day for all of us.
10 Tips to Best Enjoy the Zoo With Your Toddler
1. Visit the Zoo Before the Peak Season for a cheaper rate. If you have a zoo close by and you can afford it, buy a season pass and enjoy the zoo the entire year.
2. Go earlier in the week when it is less busy. This visit was on a Monday and was the perfect day.
3. Go when the weather is warm and not too hot that you can't enjoy yourself.
4. Don't rush through. Relax and take your time enjoying being together.
5. Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic. Or take snacks and plenty to drink.
6. A stroller is good to have for tired little feet but be sure to let them walk around some too.
7. Take a break at the playground in the zoo and let them have fun.
8. Enjoy a pony ride, camel ride or ride on a train or carousel.
9. Bring some change so you can feed the animals in the petting areas.
10. Most of all, Have Fun!

9 best tips for visiting the zoo with toddlers
Here we are enjoying our time together.
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