Friday, May 29, 2015

Easy Butterfly Feeders

Butterfly Feeders Step-by-step instructions

Last year we planted a butterfly garden with butterfly houses. I wanted to attract more butterflies to our backyard so I decided to make some easy butterfly feeders. I had all the supplies needed at home so for me it was free. If you need to purchase sponges, the ones I used came from Dollarama.

We have been spending most of our days in our backyard lately and I am trying to make a natural place for my boys to play. There is so much to be learned from nature. When we moved into our house, our backyard was a blank slate of grass and I have been working at creating the perfect flower garden that is unique, beautiful, natural  and an enjoyable area.

Step-By-Step Instructions To Your Easy Butterfly Feeder
Step 1
Butterfly feeders step-by-step instructions

Mix Water and Sugar together to form a syrupy liquid. Butterflies love this sweet taste. Don't  worry about exact measurements just add sugar to water until syrupy.
Step 2
Butterfly Feeders step-by-step instructions
Cut your sponge in quarters by cutting in half (the long way) and then in half again.
Step 3
ButterflyFeeders step-by-step instructions
Poke a hole to add a string for hanging. Coat the sponge well with syrup. Press into the syrup so sponge is full. Hold over dish to catch any drips.
Step 4
Butterfly Feeders step-by-step-instructions
Hang your butterfly feeders. I choose to hang mine on the bottom of my butterfly houses.
Enjoy watching the butterflies use their long tongues to eat from these feeders.

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