Thursday, May 7, 2015


In our backyard, we have a fire pit made from rocks.  We also used some big rocks that we had and made a sitting area on one side of the fire pit. It is always nice to sit around the fire and relax together spending time with family.

5 Things to do at your fire pit:

1. Roast hotdogs. I found hotdogs that M can eat. This was his  first time eating hotdogs so here we are enjoying Natural Selections Gluten-free Hotdogs. B enjoyed this so much that everyday when we go outside he asks for hotdogs on the fire.

2. Sing campfire songs. If you have a guitar, pull it out and strum along as you all sing, laugh and enjoy this time.

3. Tell stories around the fire.  Children love any story, so make something up for them or tell a story from your own childhood. Take turns sharing stories together.

4. Make Smores. Roast marshmallows and build your own smores to enjoy.

5. Relax and enjoy time together. It is very relaxing just sitting next to a fire enjoying nature as you look at God's beautiful creation.

What are some of the fun things you like to do around your fire pit? Share in the comments below.

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