Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tambourine for Toddlers

Get ready for a day of music and singing with your toddler by making homemade tambourines. All you need is two plates, a handful of beans, string and whatever you would like to decorate with.

In Psalm 150, the Bible tells us to praise the Lord with music. We enjoyed singing Bible songs and praising the Lord through our music. Pick out your favorite songs and get singing.

Color the plates with markers.
Poke holes around the edge with a hole puncher or a knife about an inch apart.
Then Thread the string through the plates. to Hold together. After you get about 3/4 complete, fill the plate with your beans.
Then finish threading and tie the string to secure.
If you want to add any other decorations, you can do so now.
Get singing and shake your tambourine to the rhythm.
Have fun!
Here is a Video for You to Enjoy!
The black around the edge is tape I added because B was pulling the string.
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