Thursday, August 13, 2015

Acadien Historic Village

The Acadien Historic Village was a great place to go back in time and see the two separate centuries at work. We went back in time and saw horse drawn carts, working wood mills, wool being spun into yarn and homesteads with livestock and fresh vegetable gardens. Then was a church and one room school house as well as a tavern and general store. Also a restaurant featuring old fashion meals was on site.

Then we crossed a covered bridge into another century. Here were the first cars, a hotel and grain mill. Also, a wood mill and gas station. One of the main features of this community was the large hotel and the working general store. Here you can purchase old fashioned items made in the village from blankets to barrels and nails to candy, many items are for sale.

It the village, there is also an old fashioned photography studio where you can get individual, couple or family portraits dressed in old fashioned attire. It takes about 4 hours to explore the town and visit the many homesteads throughout the village. The boys loved seeing the many animals at the various homesteads and throughout the village from chickens to pigs and horses to geese, there were all kinds of farm animals to see.

All the buildings and scenery was beautiful. It was all laid out like a close knit community and it felt like we were at home.

Luke and the boys enjoyed all the livestock.

Seeing the old, antique vehicles was neat and B loved them so much.

The walk through the village almost makes you want to live in a village like this with friends and family close and a community that cares. Our century has become more focused on electronics and social networks and is missing out on some of the closeness of family and friends that there once was.

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