Friday, August 14, 2015

Aquarium and Lighthouse

We visited the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre after we went to the Acadien Historic Village. I was excited to see seals, maybe more then the boys were. We were able to get there just in time for the seals feeding. It was fun watching them do tricks and swim through the water. 

After that we were able to visit the touch tank and touch star fish and a blue lobster. B really enjoyed touching the star fish. It was great to be able to let the kids have this experience. Then we walked through and enjoyed all the fish tanks and the exploration centre. It was fun being able to see so much marine life.

Outside, is a lighthouse. It is not open to go in, but you are able to walk to it and see it up close. There is a boardwalk to walk around to look at the ocean. 

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