Thursday, August 27, 2015

Room Makeover

It has been a busy few weeks. Around vacation and lots of summer fun, I have been working on projects around home. The biggest project I am doing is making what used to be the kids playroom into Brock's bedroom. We moved most of there toys to our gazebo and they use that as a playroom now.

Brock's bedroom is going to be a tractor room complete with a tractor bed. Luke and I finished building the bed a few days ago and I finally got it all painted yesterday. We are still working on the walls in the bedroom. Orange is a color that requires many coats of paint. Already have 3 coats of paint on one wall and it looks like we may still need another coat.

I will be doing posts about the room makeover. It is going to look awesome when it is all done and I know that Brock will love it. What 3 year old wouldn't want to sleep in a tractor bed? :)

Everything in the room is going to be colorful and all about little boys. From the tractor bed to the toolbox dresser to the dumptruck painted on the wall. It has taken a while to get it finished with 3 little boys but I am excited for it to be finished this week.

The room that Brock is currently is, we are going to redo for Malachi. We are going to make a boat bed for Malachi and decorate along that theme. It should be a bit easier as the walls are mostly going to be white except for the accent wall which is going to have blue stripes.

I am getting excited for the rooms to be done. And after that it will be Jackson's turn to get his room redone. A lot of work, but fun to do. And the finished rooms will be worth it.

Keep watch for lots of photos and DIY ideas to come.

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