Monday, August 10, 2015

Vacation Pictures

We had a wonderful vacation filled with many memories and fun adventures. Every day was busy and a joy to spend with our three little blessings. Traveling with 3 boys, 3 and under is busy in itself. But it is so much fun, to see their little eyes gleaming with excitement when they see tractors and trains, zebras and lions, sheep and pigs, seals and starfish among other things.

Experiencing a train ride, touching starfish, feeding fish, putting feet in the ocean water, all these things are exciting, but when seen through the eyes of a toddler, they become extraordinary, amazing adventures. And throughout this week, we were able to share these experiences with our boys. Vacation was so much more than time off  work, it truly was an extraordinary adventure.

Our vacation began with a trip to visit my parents. We celebrated B and M's birthdays with a carnival party. Also, we enjoyed attending tent services. We celebrated New Brunswick day with fireworks. After visiting with my family we headed on our vacation, first visiting the woodmen's museum not far from where I grew up.

The boys loved the train ride, although M somehow managed to fall to sleep on the very bumpy ride around the museum. They enjoyed sitting on the tractor and seeing an airplane up close. Also, we got to see canoes, log cabins and feed the fish in the pond. It was a great beginning to vacation.

We enjoyed our visit to the woodmen's museum. 
Here in the lower left corner, B and J are enjoying the train ride.

The many antiques and displays were fun to see. 
And we enjoyed feeding the fish in the pond.

Here B and M were sitting on a tractor. 
B says he is going to work driving a tractor when he's big so he loved it so much.

I will post more vacation photos of our fun vacation around New Brunswick. Check back to share in our adventure and fun through photos this week.

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