Monday, August 24, 2015

Kites over the Dunes

In Dieppe, each year there is an annual International Kite Festival. Many of the greatest Kite flyers from all around the world gather together and fly amazing kites. Before the kite festival, they have a practice session at the Bouctouche Dunes which is not far from our house. We were privileged to be able to be there during the practice session.

It was amazing to watch kite after unique kite flying in the wind, soaring high above us as we looked out across the boardwalk and the bay. The boys really enjoying the kites. And Luke and I did too.

Enjoy these pictures of a few of the kites flying at the Dunes!

We watched the kites for a while and then headed to get some ice cream. It was a fun family outing and we enjoying making new memories together.

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