Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blueberry Season

It is now blueberry season and we love blueberries. Luke went and picked us some  delicious berries this week. Now we can enjoy fresh berries as well as many berry recipes. This berries are as yummy as they look.

Blueberry picking does take a long time unless you have a blueberry fork. We don't have one. Most u-picks will sell berries already picked as well. Our local blueberry u-pick will sell berries for a very good price. They sell already berries, in 12 2-lb containers for $26. That is an awesome deal. I think that we might buy some more directly from them as well.

Be sure to follow my blog for the yummy recipes that I will be sharing. You don't want to miss out on 'My 5 Days of Blueberries' series that I will be posting starting tomorrow, August 17.

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