Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Another Day of Vacation

We spent a day traveling to the New Brunswick Railway Museum which is about 90 minutes from our house. It was a fun day and B and M enjoyed sitting all the trains. And they also got to sit in the conductors seat. There was a station building housing small toy trains engines and tracks, one was a Thomas the Tank Engine train and B was really excited to see Thomas at the museum.

They picked out souvenir trains to bring home with them and had fun playing with those on the drive back to the city for lunch. We had our lunch and then went to Butterfly World to enjoy the afternoon watching the many different butterflies.

It was fun to explore the inside of the trains and see the many parts of the railway system.

It was a beautiful day to walk the grounds and learn about the New Brunswick rails. 
Trains are not as much a part of our culture as they used to be and so it was fun to see how they used to need trains in everyday life.

God's creation comes alive at Butterfly World. You can watch the butterfly cycle and enjoy the colorful butterflies that God has made. 

Each butterfly is unique and it is fun to be able to see them up close and with so many in one place.

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